“I have lost 143lbs and have never felt more mentally or physically healthier."

August 11, 2014 will be a day I remember forever.  That was the first day of my weight loss journey with Nick Murphy at Mission Fitness. After following the incredible progress of one of Nick and Jill’s clients, I was inspired to look at my own life and realized something had to change.  At the time, I was  6’8” and 403lbs. Being a former Division One athlete, I was skeptical about finding someone who could advise me on how to train and lose weight.  I thought I knew it all - having lost and gained weight many times doing things my way. But being unhappy and depressed made it clear that I needed help. 

At my consultation, it was quickly apparent that Nick was the right trainer to guide me toward my goals.  His insight gave me complete confidence to confirm he was the perfect trainer for me. He answered every question, concern and made me feel comfortable.  Most importantly, Nick recognized the mental struggle involved - not just the physical one - in such a life-changing choice. From that moment forward, I agreed to trust him fully throughout the whole process.


Today, I’ve lost 143lbs and have reached my goal weight of 260lbs. From my first encounter with Nick, to our strong bond today, I have always trusted his ability and have full confidence I will continue my healthy lifestyle.  Nick supported and encouraged me through many tough days as I adjusted to the drastic exercise and diet change.  He provides a fresh perspective and kept me focused on my final goals.  Nick is always willing to share his wealth of knowledge - teaching, motivating, and mentoring me. At this point, he’s not just my trainer but my friend.